Dying my hair and other ‘questionable’ choices while pregnant.

So, let me star this off with one of those damn disclaimer type things. First, it’s my body, my baby and therefore my choice. Second, I will not tolerate any hate towards me and my choices. If you disagree either leave, or feel free to have a calm and adult conversation with me in the comments. I will not hate you for having different views to me but I will hate you for shitting on my choices no matter what you think of them. 

I guess I will start with the title one. My hairis naturally dark brown. Since I was old enough to dye my hair I have died it black all over. From the age of 16 I started to put bright colours in with it. Now at 23 I still dye it all black and have one section at the front under my side fringe and blended skittle round to the side of my hair of bright colour. The last one was purple. I haven’t dyed it since I found out I was pregnant as I believed, as most women do, that I couldn’t for whatever reason. However as the colour faded and my roots grew ever longer I felt myself feeling more and more upset with my appearance when I looked in the mirror which is not only bad for my mental health but also for the baby as it is added stress no matter how small. I did a lot of research and the final decision I have come up with is 1) no salons due to the enclosed area full of not only the chemicals on my head but those who are also there too (which is fine cause I’ve done my hair myself since the first time) and 2) DO NOT PUT DYE ON THE SCALP! So I will be doing it myself in my own well ventilated home and I will be blending the roots in with my hair so the re growth won’t be as horrid and I can still dye my hair! I can still have my Slytherin green fringe!! 

Second I will talk about marijuana. Yes yes, controversial I know, especially since I am from England and it is illegal here. I have used marijuana since I was 14 at a guess.. I’m not entirely sure as that time was a mess in my head. I did abuse it for a good few years till I was around 19. Now I use it purely to level out my bpd when I have to. This hasn’t changed since then and hasn’t changed now I am pregnant. I know a lot of people will disagree with this choice but please take a moment to think about my unique situation. Stopping my self prescribed use of marijuana with my bpd fairing up more as it crosses paths with pregnancy hormones would make me hell to live with, even bad enough to push away the father of my child and a man I love dearly. It would also leave me under a lot of hellish levels of stress due to not having that one thing that regulates my bpd. It could also bring back my self harm and even eating disorder tendencies from years ago that I have also managed to keep under control with use of marijuana. All of these would obviously put massive strain on me, my body, my baby and those around me. I have, again, done my research and know what harm/good this could do to me and my baby. For me, and my partner who I included in this choice as it his child too, the tiny highly unlikely risks are heavily outweighed by my needs and the positives of me continuing this self medicating. 

And, I will leave it at that for tonight. I really do welcome adult and unjudging chats about what I have spoke about here but again, any comments made which are seen to be just plain rude/mean/hateful will be ignored and deleted. I am fair and will listen to your opinion as long as you are willing to talk about it like calm and objective adults. 
Goodnight and stay strong my friends.

Lea. X


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