This morning I got one hell of a mood boost.

Last night I did a sleep at work, I didn’t get to bed till 11pm and the rota starts again at 6am the next day. So I already started off on a bad foot with little sleep I was not feeling good. The ladies were for the first time lovely and helpful which was wonderful when I was already fairly low. I ate breakfast and felt sick instantly, it is a few hours later and I still can’t shift the feeling of illness. My mood has suffered greatly due to those things and I was on a pretty heavy low knowing I just had to get home and I could cuddle my dog and nap away the morning on the sofa. 

Here comes the good bit. As I was walking to the bus stop the beautician that comes to the bungalow to do treatments pulled up next to me to have a quick chat before she headed in to do the ladies nails. A few weeks ago I had mentioned this blog while she was there and she asked me to bookmark it on her phone so she could have a read and maybe pass it on to people she felt may benefit from reading it. I was glad to and then, as I do, promptly forgot I had given it to her. Well, she said she had read some and even introduced some people she knew to it which is amazing! Such a massive boost to know that she liked it enough to share it. 

So, my dearest Debbie, here’s to you, your tiny act of kindness that you probably thought was just something small completely turned my morning round! Yes, I will still be headed in straight for that sofa with my little dog for naps and cuddles but now I will do it with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step because of you.

It’s those little things guys! 

Until next time, keep moving forward and stay strong! 
Lea. X


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